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Camp Zaglav is open from 01.06. until 01.10. !

Poluotok Zaglav

It is situated on Zaglav peninsula, one of the prettiest parts of Lastovo island. Our camp is made according to modern standards of camping and has about 30 tent places.


The camp doesn't undermine the natural environment and is suitable for a hundred people. It promotes the protection of the environment by using renewable energy sources! Also, we have a daily market place!

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The camp is also pet-friendly, so we invite you and your pets to join us!


At the same place, many tourists vacationed from 50's until the 90's, when the camp closed. The old camp was a paradise for nature lovers even though it was without both water and electricity, with only a few outhouses, but with beautifully arranged lots in the shadows of the pine trees, next to the sea. Years after the closing of the camp, campers and scouts were still coming because they could find peace and quiet, suitable tent spots and pretty hidden inlets. 

Fantela-Belinić family began the reconstruction of the camp and the construction of the new facility at the beginning of 2016th with the help of the Ministry of tourism. The new camp was opened during the June of 2018th. 

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Camp Zaglav is an ideal vacation spot for all who love untouched nature. Come and get stuck with us!

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