- Camp is open from 01.06. to 01.10. 2023.

- Reservations are necessary, because we are a small camp and our camping spots can get filled quicky, especially during July and August

- You can ask for a reservation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Don't pay for a reservation until we have confirmed we can make one for you

- Reservation costs 15 euro

- Reservation is valid only after the payment

- We take reservations for a minimum of 3 days

- For a shorter stay, you can ask on the day of your intended arrival, or the day before

 Information needed to make a reservation:

 - Name and surname of the person making the reservation

 - Number of people coming: how many adults and children, also pets

 - Are you coming with a car

 - Your type of stay: in a tent or in a vehicle

 - Size of your tent 

 - Date of your arrival and the date you leave


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